Introducing the
new wireless light retractor!

Watch the Light Retractor and the Breast Retractor in action

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Work completely hassle free,
without any cables obstructing your movement

The Light Retractor

Gives you perfect vision through small incisions, so you can focus on preparing the tissue and makes coagulation a lot easier.

An ideal tool for plastic surgery, especially:
- Breast augmentation
- Face lifts
- Gluteal augmentation

Autoclave sterilization friendly

In the box:
The light retractor
2 removable Li-ion batteries
Li-ion charger

€ 780,00

Easier surgery is better surgery

The Breast Retractor

The hand made breast retractor is designed to separate the tissue especially during breast augmentation in most distal parts of the breast.

It is a useful tool for auxiliary tasks and many other applications.

The outer arm of the instrument shows the exact position of the inner arm.

The semi cutting edge easily cuts underlying tissues if necessary.

Autoclave sterilization friendly.

€ 175,00

What our customers say.

Mateusz Zachara MD, PhD, form Poland wrote us and send us a video:
18th of March 2017

An innovative, smart and simple solution for pec major detachment in breast breast surgery.

Prof. Dr. Nazım Çerkeş and President of the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe:
29th of October 2016

I had an opportunity to use it in two breast augmentation cases. I found it useful and eliminates a light cable on the operative field and facilites the surgery.

Carlos Oscar Uebel, MD, Ph.D and President of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said following about the light retractor:
11th of July 2013

I would like to thank you so much for your forceps you gave me that I have had the opportunity to use successfully in one of my Breast Augmentation Surgery. It’s really a wonderful tool that I can recommend to all of our colleagues that light inside the retro glandular space or during facelift procedures, without cables . Very simple and not heavy – wonderful.
Kind regards from Carlos Uebel

Dr. Carlos Oscar Uebel, wrote us again, after receiving the improved light retractor and also send us a video:
June 2016

Giovanni Botti, M.D., form Italy said:
1st of October 2012

It is a wonderful instrument: no annoying cables, but the same bright light of a fiberoptic retractor. It is very useful for both breast augmentation and face lift. Thanks a lot for your very smart invention!